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General Questions

General Questions
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Where is the Dirt Dump Lot located?

We are located in the South East Foothills Industrial area of Calgary. We are near Glenmore Trail, Barlow Trail and 52nd Street. From Barlow Trail or 52 Street turn on to 90th Ave and turn south on to 44th Street and Dirt Dump will be on the right side of the road. We are close to Pick-N-Pull and Barlow Crossing Co-op Gas Station when traveling here using Barlow Trail. If traveling by 52nd Street you will see R. James Western Star dealership and Target Products. Once on 44th Street the lot is right beside Loadsafe Crossborder Freight Inc. Give us a call if you have any trouble finding the lot! Click here to get directions via Google Maps.


Why dump at Dirt Dump and not the City Landfill?

Calgary Landfills are affordable options for dumping dirt ONLY if you have clean fill dirt. They can reject your load as a clean fill if it includes sod and grass, branches and twigs, large rocks, garbage, and construction material. The City of Calgary has a very specific system for accepting clean fill material into the landfill. This system often involves obtaining a clean fill approval number which means you have to call or email the City, provide the location in which the dirt was from, and wait for confirmation that there is no potential of contamination. The landfill fees and wasted time cause unnecessary expenses when dirt dumping is all that needs to be done. These costs can add up very quickly if sod or rocks or any other flagged material exist in your dirt load.  Any business owner in the landscaping and construction industry will have experienced these frustrating regulations enforced by the City. Avoid these astronomical landfill fees and give Dirt Dump a try!


Is Dirt Dump open when it rains or snows?

Another issue you will experience with the City Landfill is the weather restrictions that can prevent you from getting rid of your dirt load. Any weather that causes wet conditions, be it snow or rain, causes the landfill to get extremely muddy. When this happens, the City closes the dump. Additionally, you must experience two days without rain for both the landfill and your dirt load to dry up. At Dirt Dump we have a gravel lot and will accept any dirt load no matter how damp and there will be no extra fee for the additional weight. Let us help you get the job done - when it is convenient for you. We are one of the best options for dumping dirt, and we can also make your day even easier through our dirt pick-up service!

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When do I need to book an appointment?

Appointments are needed for a variety of our services. Dirt Dump is open during the Spring, Summer and Fall and customers can stop by at anytime during our regular business hours to dump or pick-up materials. An appointment is required only if the lot is needed over the Winter or if you want to dump at the lot outside our regular business hours.  We also ask you to book an appointment to schedule/coordinate a delivery of wholesale materials. Additionally, appointments are required to schedule a Bin Rental delivery or to schedule a Haul Out. Appointment booking is available on our site so we can provide our services to you, exactly when you need them! Click here to go to our Booking page.

Dumping Questions

Dumping Questions
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What materials do you accept for dumping?

We operate as an organic material dumping site and accept an array of non-waste items. This includes organic materials such at topsoil, clean fill, sod, clay, sand, rocks smaller than the size of a fist and other types of mixed dirt. Items we will not take include garbage/construction waste, wood, trees/branches, concrete and any load contaminated with other materials like oil, fuel and tar. We will accept large roots and rocks larger than a fist but ask that they are separated out of the load. If large amounts of restricted materials are in a load, our supervisor may ask you to sort it out or potentially a clean-up fee may be charged. See our Restricted/Unacceptable Materials list for further details or get in touch with us with questions.

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Why are Dumping Fees based on the size of vehicle and not the weight of the load?

At Dirt Dump we do not have a scale to weigh your vehicle to charge based on the weight of the load. As such we opted to charge based on the size of the vehicle to capture the approximate amount of organics that would be in a full legal load. We do not offer different pricing for partial loads as we feel this can lead to disagreements trying to determine what percentage of a full load is in the vehicle. For more information about our dumping fees and the vehicles sizes please click here

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Do I have to own a truck in order to dump dirt at the lot?

We do not require that you have a truck to dump at the lot. However, it is your responsibility to unload the organics out of your vehicle yourself. Even if you do have a pickup truck, you will still be responsible for unloading material out of the truck bed. The price of dumping a pickup truck is $75.00 + GST and any vehicle that is a similar size or smaller will be charged the same price as a pickup.

Wholesale Materials & Delivery Questions 

Wholesale Materials & Delivery Questions
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Can I Purchase and Pick-up Wholesale Materials with Any Vehicle?

We can only load materials from the top of the vehicle/trailer/truck. We will not be able to load covered truck beds or trailers, cube vans, or cars/SUVs/vans etc. If you do not have a vehicle that will work for picking up wholesale materials, we do offer delivery. Click here for more information of wholesale material deliveries.


Is there is Minimum amount of Wholesale Material that must be purchase or a minimum order charge?

We do not have a minimum order charge. However, we do require a minimum volume of 1 cubic yard of material to be purchased. So, if you were wanting ½ a cubic yard of loam we would load that amount, but you would be charged for 1 full cubic yard. If you need help determining how much material you need, try our cubic yard calculator here.


How much is delivery for wholesale materials?

The cost of delivery of wholesale materials depends on where it is being delivered. Delivery to the SE, SW and NE is $100 plus GST. Delivery to the NW is $150 plus GST. We will deliver outside the city but ask that you contact us to determine the delivery fee. We will do same day deliveries if our schedule permits but suggest scheduling with at least 24 hours notice to ensure we can satisfy your request. Each material delivered will require an individual trip and therefore a delivery fee is charge for each material ordered.

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How come delivery to the NW is more expensive?

The NW quadrant of the City is the furthest for us to deliver to as it is at the opposite side of Calgary from our lot. The further we must haul the load the more expensive it is to deliver due to increased travel time, distance, and fuel costs. If you are hoping to avoid the delivery expense you can schedule your material delivery with an organic material haul out. More information about this deal is here on the FAQ page and on our Services page.

Can I get multiple materials delivered at once?

Our tandem hauling truck has a 12 Yard capacity but does not have any material dividers in the truck bed. We unfortunately cannot deliver more than one type of a material at a time. We have no way to ensure the materials stay separated when being loaded. In addition, the difference in the weight of materials can make proper loading a challenge and can result in the weight being unevenly distributed in the truck bed. During transportation, the loads can mix and when the material is delivered, they will mix more when dumped. Road bans can also limit the truck capacity and may result in us not being able to haul 12 yards.

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Can wholesale materials be dumped on my driveway?

Yes, we can dump purchased wholesale materials on your driveway. However, there must be enough room for the truck delivering the material to dump. If there are concerns about damage to the concrete on your driveway then we recommend an alternative dumping spot as we cannot guarantee that the weight of the truck will not cause damage to the surface. We also suggest laying down a tarp for the material to help with clean up and it also it a great way to let us know where we will dump the load. The material can only be dumped in one location. Once we start dumping all the material will come out of the tailgate.

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How much is delivery if it is combined with a Haul Out?

Good news! We will deliver your material purchase for free if you schedule it with a Haul Out! This is a great option for businesses that want to save time on the job site by accomplishing 2 tasks at the same time as well as saving money on logistics. Normally delivery in Calgary is $110 + GST to the SE, SW and NE and $160 + GST to the NW. Get in touch with us if you have questions about combining and delivery with a haul out.

Haul Out Deal

Haul Out Questions

Haul Out Questions

What do you mean by Haul Out and how does it work?

When we say “Haul Out” we mean that we will come to you to haul away organic materials at your home or work site and dump it at our lot for you. You can book online or call us to schedule a day and time for the Haul Out. We will then drive to the address provided with our tandem dump truck that has a 12 Yard capacity. Once we arrive on site you will have approximately 30 minutes to load the truck. There will be additional charges for any extra time needed to load beyond the 30 minutes included in the service. This a great option if you do not have a vehicle that will work for hauling organics, if the vehicle you have is inadequate or too small requiring multiple trips, or if you are hoping to save time, manpower and the use of an already occupied vehicle. The service is $315 + GST within Calgary. Contact us for Haul Out pricing outside Calgary.


Is loading included in the Haul Out Service?

Loading is not included in the Haul Out Service. Customers are expected to provide their own equipment to load the material into our truck. Our Haul Out pricing allocates 30 minutes for loading and there after a charge of $50 for each additional 30 minutes applies.  Contact us if you have more questions about Haul Outs. We no longer offer skid steer services.

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How much notice is needed to book or cancel the Haul Out Service?

We recommend booking a Haul Out 24 hours in advance. We can sometimes accommodate same day Haul Outs depending on availability, but to be safe it is best to book sooner. A Haul Out must be cancelled a minimum of 4 hours before the original booking time to avoid charges.

Bin Rental Questions

Bin Rental Questions
Bin Load Capacity-01.jpg

How much organic material can I put in my bin?

We offer two different sizes of bins to accommodate different amounts organics/dirt. You can rent either a 12 Yard or 20 Yard Bin. However, due to the heavy weight of organic materials, Bins can only be filled to 1/3 of their total capacity. The 12 Yard Bin will hold approximately 4 yards and the 20 Yard Bin will hold approximately 6-7 yards. When a Bin is being picked up it must not be overloaded. We cannot haul it away if filled passed its legal weight and we will have to ask you to unload some material. We can mark the bin with a line to indicate the max fill level upon request. For more information of Bin Rentals click here.

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Can my Bin be placed on the street in front/behind of my home or worksite?

Bins can be placed on your street, but we recommend getting a Street Use Permit to avoid a ticket from The City of Calgary bylaw services. Generally, Bylaw will only come and give a ticket if a complaint is submitted about a Bin, but there is always a risk. As per the City of Calgary website: “A street use permit is required to exclusively use any City road right-of-way, that is, a street, a sidewalk, an alley, a walkway, a back lane, a boulevard, or traffic control set-up.” Street Use Permits cost $25 + GST for each calendar day and require a minimum of four business days to process. Make sure you plan ahead! We are not responsible for any tickets that are incurred from a Bin on the street without a permit. For more information on The City of Calgary Street Use Permits or to apply for one online please click here.

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How far in advance must I book my Bin to guarantee delivery for a specific time & date?

Generally, we ask for at least 36 hours notice to ensure we can accommodate a Bin Rental. Our Bin Rental partner, Waymark Site Solutions, does their best to deliver within a specific timeframe, but sometimes there are delays and changes that require the schedule to shift slightly. We recommend adding a couple hours of buffer time just in case delays occur. For instance, if you have a crew coming to the work site and need the bin for 8 am Friday morning it would be best to place the delivery for late afternoon / early evening on Thursday. Or say you need the bin for 1 pm in the afternoon, schedule the delivery around 11 am. We can provide same day rentals depending on availability. If a Bin is needed right away, please call us to book and we will see if we can make it happen!

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What is the total duration of the Bin Rental?

Rented Bins can stay on site for up to 2 weeks. After 2 weeks additional fees will apply. If you are expecting that you will need your Bin for a longer duration let us know before hand so we can let you know how much it costs to have it longer. 

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