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Made from reclaimed & recycled wood of both deciduous and coniferous trees. To get the dark-grey colour of this mulch, it is combined with natural minerals & vegetable-based dyes. Some benefits include weed control, water retention, inhibiting soil erosion, preserving soil nutrients and is helpful at discouraging pests. It is a durable material that is great for ground cover.

Ebony Mulch

    • Price per cubic yard.
    • Minimum 1 yard per order.
    • Half yard amounts (i.e. 2.5 yards) can be ordered but only whole numbers are permitted in the quantity box. Please specify in the Additional Information section at check out if you  need a half yard added to the total ordered.
    • Material delivery is Not Included.
    • Only One Material can be delivered at a time.
    • If delivery is needed please ensure shipping to the correct area is selected at checkout.
    • To schedule delivery please proceed to booking page after checkout is complete.
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